Former produces almost all types of barrels used in injection molding or extrusion processes. While the injection barrels must be resistant to high injection pressure, extrusion barrels may require the use of degassing type barrels to take volatiles out and the use of grooved feeding systems for difficult-to-feed materials. Our designs meet these requirements, correct material selection and the proper hardening, coating technics will provide optimum lifetime efficiency.

Grooved Barrel

Feeding grooves are used in most of today’s extrusion applications. With the use of “Soft” or “Hard” feeding grooves, benefits such as higher throughput, stable and higher mold pressure generation and more efficient feeding of high viscosity materials are obtained. FORMER produces grooved feeding barrels with various channel profiles and in straight or spiral forms.

Rubber Barrels

For rubber raw materials that are abrasive and difficult to feed, our own designs, whose standards we have set as a result of our long years of experience and R&D studies, have been successfully working with hundreds of users for many years.

Temperature control is of great importance in the processing of rubber. Precise temperature control can be achieved with our water-cooled designs.

Our sleeve and screw designs have been developed taking into account the abrasiveness of the rubber, allowing it to be renewed in a much more economical way.

Barrel Materials

NormMaterialHeat TreatmentHardnessTensile Stregth (N/mm2)Hardness Depth (mm)
1,85524CrAINi7Nitration900-1050 HV5850-10500,5-0,7
1,85524CrAINi7Nitration900-1050 HV5850-10500,5-0,7
1,85524CrAINi7Nitration900-1050 HV5850-10500,5-0,7
Barrel Production ParametersDiameter Range (mm)Max. Length mm)
Nitrided Barrel20-2005.000
Bimetallic Barrel20-2005.000