Production Technology

As Former Makine, we are constantly renewing and developing our production methods and production technology in order to respond to the constantly changing needs of the sector with the experience and knowledge it has gained since 1973.

Our production is supported by the latest technology CNC control unit benches and other equipment. With these technological equipment, we increase the product quality and the efficiency of the production process in the production of sleeve screws, which has a very sensitive production stage.

Former Makine is a company focused on customer satisfaction, so our production technology is designed to provide the best service to our customers and we strive to maximize the potential of this technology. With our production technology, experience and technical capacity, we are able to offer the most suitable solutions to our customers’ needs in a very fast way.

Bench information of our production track is given below.

CNC Deep Hole Drilling

It carries out the production of single and twin screw extruders and injection barrels from Ø20 to Ø250mm up to 5 meters of paint with a CNC controlled special production deep drilling machine. It offers deep drilling services in different sectors within these dimensions.

CNC Screw Drilling

7m single piece screw machining from Ø20 to Ø250 with 5-axis controlled benches special for screw production with cnc control unit that can work in sensitive tolerances