Integrated Barrier Screws


Integrated Barrier Screws

In plastic injection and extrusion applications, the screw design is very effective in the transition of the raw material from the solid phase to the melt phase, which both advances with the screw movement and increases the pressure and therefore the temperature. In screws with different designs, the distribution of solid and melt phases along the screw geometry is different. In general, injection screws are divided into two groups in terms of pitch structure geometries.

Straight Pitch Screw

Integrated Barrier Screws

Barrier Screw Technology

In parallel with the developing polymer technology, polymer processing technology has also developed with the increase in the use of polymers that are difficult to melt, difficult to shape, but with high mechanical and thermal properties. New designs have been tried for the processing of polymers that cannot be processed with the straight screw design. in 1959

With the barrier screw design, patented by Maillefer in Switzerland, the solid and melt phases are separated into two separate channels and the not fully melted plastic is prevented from coming out. Thus, higher melt quality than straight screw is provided with a shorter and more compact structure.

Barrier screws are produced on the basis of common logic but in different geometries. In terms of geometry, barrier screws are divided into two:

barr screws
Maillefer screws

Melt-solid plastic phase distribution model in conventional screws

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