Extruder Filters

In Extrusion applications, production efficiency and perfect product quality can only be provided correctly equipped extruders. In extrusion applications, foreign parts which comes with the raw material or other external ways disrupt the production and effect the final product’s quality. Besides they can make serious faults on equipment. For this reason, besides the separation of the solid material at the extruder inlet, the filtration in the melt phase at the extruder outlet is very important.

BF Plate Type Screen Changer for Extrusion

In plastic extrusion applications, the filter input is directed to the melt filtering plate, the foreign objects in the filter wire is caught and cleaned. The melt that is cleaned is directed to the exit direction through the plate. The perforated screen is pushed out with hydraulic help to clean the contaminated filter and the new filter is installed. During the change, the sealing between the plate and the body is provided by special gaskets that apply heat and pressure.

The advantages of BF Plate Type filters are;

  • Simple and safe filtering operation
  • Optimized flow channels for high and low viscosity melts.
  • The dynamic expansion system has excellent sealing.
  • High quality materials and finish
  • Maximum safety with covers.
  • Optional temperature and pressure sensors and interconnection Adaptors

CF Continuous Flow Extrusion Filter System

In extrusion systems, plate type classical extrusion filters, cuts the flow for a short time while changing the filter. The cut melt flow, disrupts working stability for some applications, regaining the stability makes a big loss. CF type filters provide continuous flow even during the filter change with the proven 2 way flow channel design. Thus filter can be changed without any loss.

CFL Extra Large Filtering Area, Continuous Filter

CFL- Series Filters having extra-large filtering area provides very long run without changing the screen mesh. Comparing the CF series or similar filters with flat screens, it has 4 times larger filtering area with a similar compact body. Due to its proven double Piston type design, it doesn’t need any additional sealing, runs without leakage and reduces pressure loss by optimized flow channels and enlarged screen area.